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Kearon De Clouet

Val the vegan chef llandscape black gree


Valtheveganchef offers a wide range of catering experiences:

Canapeés Functions

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Individual Courses

Grazing Tables 


Crostini, vegan chèvre, tomato chutney (gf opt)

Bruschetta, tomato, basil, spanish onions , garlic (gf opt)

Mushrooms tarts, truffle oil, alfa alfa sprouts (gf opt)

Harry’s pies, lentils, Shiraz and walnuts filling, mash, mint and peas mash, gravy

Creamy dill, tofu and peas pies

Betel leaves, hoisin tempeh, lychee, shallots and roasted peanut gf

Olivier salad, cos lettuce cups

King brown mushrooms scallop, truffle mayo, vegan caviar gf

Beetroot tartare, carrot eggs, black truffle (gf opt)

High tea cucumber Sandwiches, tofu, pickles, dill mayo

Blinis, dill mayo, smoked beetroot (gf opt)

Cucumber, hoisin seitan, sesame seeds

Beer battered cauliflowers, wasabi mayo, smoked coconut flakes (gf opt)

Kale, shiitake, tempeh dumplings , miso and tahini spicy sauce

Zucchini, carrots, sesame dumplings, soy bath

Sweet soy, shriracha and eggplant dumplings, soy bath

BBQ pulled jackfruit mini tacos, iceberg, chipotle mayo gf

Beer battered nori seaweed and oyster mushrooms mini tacos, lime coleslaw, spicy guacamole Smoked black beans tacos, iceberg lettuce, chipotle mayo, pico de galo gf

Jackfruit Jerk Tacos, lime coleslaw, pico de galo gf

Puff pastry Cannoncini, chickpeas, nori seaweed and grilled capsicum sauce

Eggplant arancini, chipotle mayo (gf opt)

Mushroom arancini, truffle aioli (gf opt)

Chickpeas Bastilla, traditional sweet and sour filo pastry wrapped treat from Morocco

Daikon crackers, sesame mayo, tamari almonds gf

Lychee ceviche, spicy avocado, corn chips gf

Tarator, traditional Bulgarian cold soup gf

Watermelon gazpacho, croutons (gf opt)

Potato, rosemary, vegan halloumi, truffle oil mini pizzas

Pumpkin, kalamata olives, kale and vegan mozzarella mini pizzas

Tomato, olives, capers, nori seaweed mini pizzas 

Rosewater, fresh fruit mini tarts (gf opt)

Orange sponge cakes, coconut whipped cream, dark chocolate

Chia pudding, whipped coconut cream, rhubarb compote gf

Cinnamon rice pudding, seasonal fruit compote, vegan honey, almond brittle gf

Chocolate cheese cake, seasonal fresh fruits (gf opt)

Oreo shots, almond praline

Mango cheese cake, coconut whipped cream




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